Product Design Lead 📐 in the Bay Area 🌉 with over 10 years experience growing early stage products. 📈

Recent experience

  • Dropbox

    Product Design Manager


    I led design for the DocSend product—an acquisition product focused on sharing content for business deals. I grew the team from 2 to 4 designers, focusing on improving usability for core flows within the standalone product and the integration of DocSend into Dropbox's core product.

    I also designed the vision and helped set strategic direction for the larger initiative to integrate DocSend into Dropbox’s sharing flow.

    • Dropbox integration
    • Sharing redesign
    • DocSend insights trial
  • Senior Product Designer


    After Dropbox acquired HelloSign, I continued working with a small product team to build out and grow HelloWorks (later Dropbox Forms), leading lightweight research, experimentation, and end-to-end design.

    I prioritized creative and lightweight design solutions, including marketing growth projects, that helped grow ARR from $200K to over $1.5M and improved ROAS by 10x within 2 years.

    • Conditional Workflows
    • HelloWorks
    • HelloWorks
  • HelloSign (acquired by Dropbox)

    Senior Product Designer


    Starting as the sole product designer at HelloSign, I designed the HelloWorks form-builder and customer portal from the ground up, collaborating with a small product team to deliver a freemium model with 100+ new accounts, monthly.

    I also created and iterated on a design system and component libraries for HelloSign and HelloWorks products, resulting in improved design consistency, accessibility standards, and improved designer/developer productivity.

    • HelloSign Design System
    • HelloWorks form builder
  • WellnessFX (acquired by Thorne)

    UI/UX Designer


    As WellnessFX’s first designer, I designed core pieces of the web app, from online scheduling flows, to intuitive visualizations of customer health data. I also owned design for the marketing site and email newsletters, including creating custom illustrations and designing the company logo and branding.

    • Comparison
    • Genetics redesign
    • Marketing page